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Aluminium vs Steel Windows: Which Is The Better Choice?

Are you looking for an appropriate answer to the question- Aluminium or steel windows: Which is the better choice? If yes, you are not alone. People usually need clarification on these materials when looking for the best windows. But, this confusion must not make you make the wrong decision. As a result, a thorough comparison must be made between steel and aluminium windows before you finalise one for your workspace or home.

The significance of windows for any architectural project must never be underestimated. From functionality to aesthetics, everything gets disturbed if the right windows are not installed. So, while selecting the most suitable ones, you must be equipped with the proper knowledge. This post will assist you with solving the ultimate confusion that arises when buying windows. Yes, it will compare the two most competitive options- aluminium and steel windows to help you decide for your place.

Aluminium vs Steel Windows

Aluminium and steel windows are the most efficient choices for metal-framed window options. However, even after both these windows have unique features, one is better than the other. Below is a detailed comparison of these two based on varying aspects to help you determine which is better.

1. Malleability

The malleable properties of aluminium are commendable. Profiles for doors/windows are made by rolling and extrusion processes to mould it in different ways and create the finest and most intricate aluminium window design. Accomplishing even the finest frame designs is relatively easy with this material due to its high malleability. The strong machinability of aluminium makes it possible to fabricate them into a wide range of designs. On the other hand, steel is not very malleable. As a result, intricate frame designs cannot be achieved with it.

2. Weight

Architects usually prefer lightweight window frames. The aluminium frames efficiently pass this checkpoint as aluminium is the most lightweight engineering metal. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is much better than steel. Hence, it is the perfect material for window frames. Its weight is about one-third the weight of steel, making it a better metal to hold the heavy glass panes in place and offer an unobstructed and large view of the outside.

3. Finish

The finish of your windows is crucial to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your place. Aluminium windowS frames are  available in different finishes such as  anodised or powder coated and have multiple colour options.  Steel also has a smooth finish and efficiently enhances the look of a place. But the finish & colour options are limited with Steel when compared with Aluminium.

4. Corrosion resistance

Although aluminium and steel window frames are both known for their corrosion resistance properties, one is better than the other. The corrosion resistance of steel is less exceptional than that of aluminium. Aluminium frames do not corrode even under minimum maintenance. The high corrosion resistance of aluminium frames is because this material forms a protective layer whenever it comes into contact with air. This protective layer is of aluminium oxide that prevents oxidation. Aluminium is also resistant to damage due to acid rain, cleaning agents and other chemicals. Hence, these windows do not swell, warp, crack or split.

5. Strength

Another crucial aspect to compare between steel and aluminium windows is their strength. Pure aluminium does not have tensile strength. However, to fabricate windows/doors, aluminium alloys are used by combining it with other elements like magnesium, copper, manganese and silicon. These alloys have high strength. The strength of these aluminium alloys is superior to steel even at cold temperatures. However, the strength of steel decreases at lower temperatures, and it gets brittle.

6. Thermal efficiency

The present world is witnessing an increasing number of eco-conscious minds. If you are one of these individuals and looking for windows with high thermal efficiency, aluminium window frames are your go-to option. These windows can be manufactured with thermal breaks, while the same is not achievable with steel windows. Steel is bad for insulating as it is a highly conductive material. At the same time, aluminium windows are the perfect choice for thermal insulation that prevents temperature fluctuations, lowers utility bills, and reduces your carbon footprint, making your home more sustainable.

As evident by the above-detailed comparison, aluminium is hands down the winner between steel and aluminium windows.

In the end

The ultimate battle between aluminium and steel windows has always been intense due to the unique features of both competitors. However, now and then, aluminium has successfully proven its superiority, and the above comparison is also an example of the same. The various aspects compared above show how aluminium windows are better than steel ones. So, choose wisely for your place, and if you decide to get the best ones, contact reliable manufacturers of aluminium windows like Eternia.

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