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Rising Social Engineering Threats Requires Stronger Cybersecurity Awareness

Phishing attacks account for 36% of all US data breaches and 83% of all companies experience a phishing attack each year.

Our virtual working environment can expose security vulnerabilities, especially social engineering. Bad actors view our increased digital activities as an opportunity to attack. Remind your teams of your security policies and procedures. Hackers are remotely interested in you. #BeCyberSmart for Cybersecurity Awareness Month by keeping your employees up to date on potential cyber threats. Leverage HALOCK’s cybersecurity awareness posters – with themes from movies, dogs, pop culture, and Halloween.

HALOCK’s Data Breach Bulletins highlight recent data breaches and cybersecurity litigation. These stark reminders emphasize how we need to keep our organizations trained and aware of threats to your networks and data.

  • Large Hospital System Goes Offline after Cyber Attack

Mississippi’s Singing River Health System temporarily shut down its internal services due to a cyberattack in August 2023.

  • Over 1 Million Users Affected in Callaway Golf Breach

Topgolf Callaway Golf Brands, a global leader in golf equipment manufacturing and signature driving ranges, experienced a breach affecting over 1.1 million customers.

  • Lending Institution Settles $850K Class Action Suit for Data Breach

Cash Express has set up an $850,000 settlement fund in response to a class action lawsuit stemming from a ransomware attack.

  • National Retailer Hit by Credential Stuffing Attacks

Hot Topic alerted its customers to a data breach it experienced stemming from multiple credential stuffing attacks on specific dates throughout 2023.

  • Two Oil Companies Fall Victim to Third Party Attacks

British Petroleum (BP) released an update about a data breach that impacted individuals who had applied for retail positions within the company.

Shell Oil and several other major firms including Proctor & Gamble, Hitachi, and Virgin, fell victim to an exploitation within the MOVEit file transfer system utilized by some of their employees.

Remind your teams to be extra diligent as we head into the end of year online transactions. Something hackers actively exploit. It is best practice to conduct penetration testing, incident response training, and risk assessments before the end of the year.

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