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How Will This SaaS Marketing Agency’s ABM Expand Your Market Share?

More than 70% of all software used by companies worldwide are SaaS applications (DemandSage). This indicates a clear demand for SaaS products, which is developing into intense competition with hundreds of SaaS offerings flooding the market, that perform almost similar functions.

In light of this, you need a unique blend of strategy, technology, and creativity that ensures that your SaaS business isn’t just seen for its marketing efforts but actually remembered. This is where a well-crafted ABM program comes in. Companies that use ABM have reported an 84% improvement in reputation and an 80% improvement in customer relationships (LinkedIn Report). 

Recognizing the value of a personalized account-based marketing strategy, Eightburst Marketing, introduced its robust ABM program to transform B2B SaaS business growth and expand the market share of its customers to supercharge revenue generation.

What Does Eightburst Do?

Eightburst Marketing is a B2B SaaS marketing agency, co-founded by Aju Neeraj and Gaurav Sharma in 2023, with the goal of replacing traditional marketing tactics with research-backed strategic marketing techniques and becoming a key player in the ever-evolving SaaS digital landscape.

When it comes to ABM, “we’re not just an ABM marketing agency to offer services; we offer transformations with a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to ensure no opportunity is missed,” says Aju Neeraj, Co-founder and CEO, Eightburst.  

What is the Core Principle Behind Eightburst?

Every strategy at Eightburst Marketing relies on one core principle — the T2D3 playbook — a revenue model in which the annual revenue of the SaaS business is tripled for two consecutive years, then doubled for the next three years.

“T2D3 is not simply a concept for us; we have tailored it to every individual client in a way that ensures a fast yet sustainable growth curve,” adds Gaurav Sharma, Co-founder and CFO, Eightburst.

How Can Eightburst’s Specialized Solutions Grow Your Business?

In-Depth Demographic Understanding: No scattergun techniques. Eightburst performs granular analysis and market research as the first steps in developing strategies to find high-value accounts with the highest conversion rates.

Targeted Messaging: No one-size-fits-all messaging. The team crafts customized narratives that speak to each target account’s particular goals and problem areas, making sure that people reading your messages actually remember them.

Tactical Blend of Strategies: For the purpose of fostering an atmosphere that is well-suited to your targeted outreach, Eightburst’s ABM services combine SEO, social proof, and content marketing, thus, increasing the chances of each account recignizing your value offer better.

Multi-Channel Engagement: To effectively engage your high-value accounts, Eightburst collaborates across many channels, from personalized emails to targeted social media campaigns, making sure you appear anywhere your target audience hangs out.

Measurable Results: Eightburst commits to focusing on the right KPIs and not just vanity metrics. Our ABM tactics, including everything from lead generation to conversion optimization, are crafted to produce quantifiable outcomes that boost your company’s profits.

Improved Customer Relationships: The Eightburst team’s ABM strategies go beyond conversion. We keep interacting with your valuable accounts, fostering the development of long-term bonds to generate steady income for business expansion.

Global Expansion with the Eightburst Team

Global resonance is a must for SaaS success in today’s hyper-connected corporate environment. SaaS brands may leverage Eightburst’s comprehensive approach crosses borders, languages, and cultures to leverage global digital reach, making it the ideal ABM marketing agency for your business.

With a diverse team hailing from the best international firms and spanning multiple international territories, Eightburst facilitates seamless collaboration across time-zones for real-time optimization of your ABM campaigns.

This is what they bring to the table —

  • Highly-concentrated and specialized ABM expertise
  • Agility in adopting cutting-edge ABM methodologies
  • Commitment to refining your ABM strategies constantly
  • Multi-disciplinarism to ensure optimal ROI, scaling, and engagement

How Do Eightburst’s ABM Strategies Navigate SEO Intricacies?

Uninterrupted ABM During Digital Shifts: Are you migrating your website or modifying your brand identity? The Eightburst team makes sure your SaaS ABM projects keep driving growth.

Targeted SERP Presence: Eightburst’s expertise lies in creating SEO tactics that are non-generic, hence, ensuring they complement your valuable customers, thus, enhancing the efficacy and precision of your ABM services for SaaS endeavours. 

On-site Elements: The Eightburst team goes beyond a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy to tailor on-page elements to communicate with your target accounts in their native tongue, making your SaaS ABM approach as unique as it gets.

Continuous Monitoring for Engagement Metrics: Eightburst does not take clicks for their face value and instead focuses on measuring engagement metrics, ensuring that your SEO strategy complements your SaaS ABM recruitment and retention goals.

Custom Messaging: Generic nurture is traditional; the Eightburst team custom crafts messages that can resonate with your target accounts, making your ABM eye-catching and memorable for driving real action.

Tactical Support: Eightburst’s ABM strategies are supported by social evidence with marketing to foster an environment that is favourable to your targeted outreach. 

Talk ABM Strategy with Eightburst!

Eightburst prioritizes client relationships, delving deeper to inform strategic initiatives like an ABM program. Their team of specialists develop into dependable consultants, providing leadership with guidance on market expansion prospects. This high-touch collaboration promotes ambitious and long-term planning while guaranteeing alignment amongst stakeholders, thus, helping organisations develop the capacity for long-term success.Book a complimentary intro call with Eightburst today and start forging stronger connections with your target prospects using ABM to support market expansion for your SaaS business.

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