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Why Car Accident Settlements Are Public Record Issue in Florida

A 2020 census shows there were more than 18,464,506 registered cars in Florida. It is the third-highest state with vehicles in the United States. California and Texas are the two leading states. The three states account for approximately 26 percent of the country’s registered vehicles.

The high number of vehicles on Florida’s highways heightens the risk of mishaps. Typically, you will institute a personal injury claim if you are involved in an accident that another motorist negligently causes, which leads to injuries and significant damages.

One of the thoughts that may occupy your heart as you go through the legal process is if car accident settlements are a case of public record in Florida. This piece will shed light on this issue.

A Car Settlement is a Public Record

You can find numerous pieces of information on an individual via public record databases. For instance, birth certificates or marriage licenses contain people’s date of birth. Of course, criminal history is accessible to anyone who takes the time to search for it.

If your personal injury case proceeds to court, all the details in the suit become public record. It includes transcripts from court testimonies, the settlement amount, and other details relating to the harm.

Conversely, if you settle the issue out of court, the details will not necessarily become an issue of public record instantly. But once you settle the matter, your details and the settlement amount will go into the public record for anyone’s access.

Understanding Out-of-Court Settlement

There are several factors to consider before settling for the out-of-court option. One, is the other party willing to settle for a fair amount? If there is no assurance of justice, you may want to proceed to court.

But before hugging the court option, consider the pros and cons. Weighing the benefits will help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Out-of-Court Settlement

Out-of-court settlement helps you to keep your details private. You have the assurance that the document will not go into the public record.

Personal information privacy is the most significant benefit of out-of-court settlement. It is not surprising that 95 percent of personal injury matters take the out-of-court route.

Furthermore, the out-of-court route is quicker. Parties often quickly reach a settlement when they discuss it out of court rather than if their case proceeds to court.

“When you opt for trial, you need to wait for court dates, and it is often a long journey. Court trials can delay your compensation. Hence, you should count the cost before opting for this option.”

When the Court Option Becomes the Preferred

There are some instances where it is more beneficial to proceed to court than to settle for an out-of-court option. For instance, most times, settling out of court does not accurately capture the worth of your damages. It is often the experience of victims who sustain permanent injuries and high-worth damages.

“If the at-fault party admits fault to high-magnitude harm but is unwilling to pay the appropriate offer, it is advisable to decline their offers and take your chance in court. With an outstanding lawyer, you will get maximum compensation.”

Also, suppose the accident affects you beyond wage loss and medical bills. In that case, you may proceed to court to seek compensation for the additional damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional stress, and loss of companionship.


No matter the route you decide to take, you need a skilled local personal injury lawyer to bolster your chances of maximum compensation. They comprehensively understand the law and know how to tweak it to get a positive result.

“Furthermore, a lawyer will enlighten you on the consequences of your personal information becoming a public record. Hence, you can predict the present and future implications of your action,” says car accident attorney Gregory J. Perenich of Perenich Law Injury Attorneys.

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