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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Intrinsically Safe Lighting Solutions Provider

Lighting solutions products include headlamps, rechargeable lanterns, and flashlights, among others. To enhance workplace safety, manufacturers design products that cater to the safety needs of hazardous environments without compromising the safety requirements.

No competitor comes close to beating Nightstick- intrinsically safe lighting solutions. For years, Nightstick — an internationally-known brand specializing in professional lighting solutions — has led the way in lighting the world, one intrinsically safe lighting product at a time.

The following are 5 things to consider when selecting an intrinsically safe lighting solutions provider for your workplace:

  1. Efficiency and Performance

There needs to be more than just a lighting product; the product should be able to endure the working conditions no matter how harsh the environment. Choose a provider who has always been committed to quality and supplies products manufactured using the best quality materials. Innovative thinking should lead the way to ensure the product is efficient and reliable, whether reflectors, battery, headlamp, or rechargeable lantern.

Moreover, LEDs should be engineered to withstand challenging conditions, such as impacts, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

  1. Safety Certification

Safety comes first. Electronics should be safe to use; if not, they can easily trigger accidents. The provider’s lighting products should have the highest safety ratings in the world. Each product it supplies should have undergone intense testing and certification processes to meet and exceed industry standards. The provider should also understand that its products are used in hazardous environments like mines, factories, garages, etc.

To prevent accidents triggered by vapors, flammable gases, etc., it should ensure its products can be safely used in these environments.

  1. Modern Technology

The provider should source from manufacturers that like to test new technology ideas. The manufacturers worth their names test every LED technology to design the latest Intrinsically Safe lighting products that enhance energy efficiency. Customers want to see their batteries last longer while providing consistent and reliable light; such manufacturers are always in the lab testing new ideas to realize this.

  1. Diverse Range of Products

The provider should understand that products should be tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. For example, while everyone needs light, some customers want handheld flashlights while others need headlamps, depending on the nature of their jobs or the environment. The provider should cater to the needs of all these users by designing options that directly meet their needs.

  1. Adjustable Settings

To enhance user experience, the leading provider designs its intrinsically safe lights with adjustable settings. This makes them easy to use. Customers love convenience when working on their tasks. Each environment needs a certain amount of light, and they want to be able to adjust this accordingly.

At the same time, the lighting products should have ergonomic features to ensure the users’ health is not compromised in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

The world needs different lights for different occasions. One light doesn’t fit all environments. Engage a provider that understands this simple fact and therefore ensures it provides the right light for every occasion.

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