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How to Plan a Cross Country Move Effectively

Planning a move of any kind can be incredibly taxing and draining since there are a ton of things you have to account for, like finding a place to stay and figuring out how you’ll get to where you’re going. This all gets far more complicated if you’re traveling cross country, however, because you’ll be on the road for far longer, and all of your planning will need to be bulletproof to ensure you don’t face issues that you haven’t accounted for.

Research Your Destination

Planning a move is important, but it’s important to have an idea about the place you’re going to be ending up at, too, and the only way to do that is to do your own research. Find out where it is you’ll be staying, what the rent at your new place will be, and how far away you’ll be staying from the most important parts of your area, including places for entertainment and relaxation and the place where you work. This information will help during the process of moving since you’ll know what to bring depending on the research you do; for example, if you’re living in a more remote area, you’ll want to bring more of your furniture and other items from your previous home to make setting things up easier.

Figure out How to Bring Your Car

In any major city in the world, you’ll likely need a car to help you navigate your daily life, and if you’re already the proud owner of one, it’s important that you bring it with you. The most common way of going about this is to drive it to your destination yourself, but this can be tough if you’re going cross country or if you need to drive on your own. Another alternative is outsourcing car shipping services and having the task done for you effectively and easily. If you have the budget for it, you can ask any shipping service to transport your car in a closed container, which will insulate it from the weather and most damage that it would get on the road on its own.

Sell and Keep Some Items

Decluttering is something you’ll have to do no matter how badly you’d like to keep the things you have because you can’t transport everything without incurring a lot of unnecessary costs. Before you even start the process of packing, make sure you go through your entire home, looking for clothes, items, devices, and furniture that aren’t used often and ones that you can live without. This is great for making more space for the things you want to take with you and for making some extra money since you can list most of the things you’re getting rid of online and make a few quick, easy bucks while you’re at it.

Make a Kit with Your Essentials

A cross-country move will be difficult to go through no matter how well you plan it, which is why you should have a kit ready to go when you begin your journey that will make things much easier, whether you’re traveling by road or by air. The most important things to have on you are documentation, whether it’s a passport, plane ticket, or ID card that proves who you are, as well as food and water for emergencies and anything else you need to pass the time, like a mobile device with a power bank to ensure it never runs out of battery.


An average move is filled with lots of planning, including making arrangements for all of your essential items, figuring out transport for yourself, and even bringing your car with you if it’s essential to have one. None of this is ever easy, but it can become overwhelming if you’re planning to travel cross country. Luckily, using the information in this article, you’ll be able to make a great and digestible plan for yourself that will allow you to get to your destination safely and with all the tools and possessions you need to start the next chapter of your life.

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