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Minister Ebrahim Patel to Visit Hisense South Africa Factory

Cape Town, 10 May 2024 – Hisense, a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, is honoured to announce the upcoming visit of Minister Ebrahim Patel to its factory in Atlantis, Western Cape, on Friday, 10 May.

Vivi Liu General Manager at Hisense, expressed excitement about the visit, stating, “We are proud to welcome Minister Patel to our factory, where he will witness firsthand the meaningful impact of our operations on job creation and economic growth.”

The Hisense Factory in Atlantis serves as a pivotal hub for economic development, employing over 1500 individuals. Minister Patel’s visit provides a unique opportunity to showcase Hisense’s contributions to these crucial areas and highlight the importance of local production in driving employment opportunities and fostering economic prosperity in South Africa.

Hisense’s global recognition as the Best TV Brand in 2024 and its impressive ranking as the No. 2 player in global TV shipments underscore its dedication to delivering high-quality products and generating substantial revenue for the South African economy.

In a pivotal moment for Hisense, the company is proud to announce the launch of its first 100-inch TV in South Africa, manufactured locally. This milestone showcases Hisense’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence in South Africa.

Minister Patel’s visit is a testament to the collaborative efforts between government and private sectors in driving economic transformation and creating sustainable employment opportunities. Hisense looks forward to showcasing its innovative manufacturing processes, technological advancements, and commitment to excellence during this significant event.

About Hisense

Since 1969, Hisense has been a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of innovation in consumer electronics, aiming to make the latest technologies accessible and beneficial for everyone. With a global presence spanning over 64 overseas companies and offices, 34 Industrial parks and 25 research and development centers worldwide, Hisense delivers high-quality, affordable products that enhance the lives of consumers.

In South Africa, Hisense’s investment in manufacturing facilities has contributed significantly to market share growth, solidifying its position as a leader in LED TVs and refrigeration. Their dedication to quality, excellent customer service, and innovative product range make Hisense a trusted choice for consumers worldwide.

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