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Why Backyard Granny Flats Are So Popular?

You may have heard the term “granny flat” before. As per granny flats experts Granny Flat Solutions, It’s a small home that people build in their backyards. Sometimes they’re called guest houses or mother-in-law suites too. Whatever you call them, these backyard granny flats are super popular right now. Here’s why granny flats are everywhere these days.

Extra Space for Family

A big reason people add a granny flat is to make more room for their family. Parents might build one for their grown kids or elderly parents to live in. That way the whole family can be together on one property. The flat gives families their own private space while staying close.

Extra Income

Some people fix up a granny flat to rent out for extra monthly income. Renting out your backyard home can make you money. People who travel a lot or need help paying the mortgage rent them out when they don’t need the space.

Flexible Living

A granny flat allows flexible living situations. You can use it yourself for crafts, office space, or guests. Or rent it out when you want extra income. It’s a separate building so you can use it for all kinds of things over time.

Affordable Housing

Building a small flat can be cheaper than adding on to your main house. Materials for a basic granny flat cost less than a big home addition. Plus they use less land than a large addition. For the space, backyard flats are economical.

Popular with Downsizing

Many people build granny flats so older family members can downsize and still be close. Retired parents may not want large home maintenance. A flat lets them downsize from their family home but keep connections.

Finding Skip Bins for Granny Flat Construction

Okay, so backyard granny flats are really popular. But when you build one, you’ll probably need a skip bin. There’s lots of construction trash to throw out. Here’s how to find skip bin rentals nearby for your granny flat project:

Search “Skip Bin Hire Near Me”

As always, turn to Google. Look for “skip bin rental near me” or “cheap skip bin hire near me”. Local companies will show up to service the area around your home. Pick a few to get quotes from.

Check Nextdoor Recommendations

Ask neighbors on Nextdoor if they’ve rented a skip bin before. Check for recommendations from people nearby who’ve done projects. They may suggest an affordable local company they liked.

Calculate Bin Size Needed

Think about how much debris you’ll have before choosing a size. Measure your space and estimate waste. A 10-15 cubic yard bin is common for a small project like a granny flat. Bigger is better if you can afford it.

Rent for 1-2 Weeks

Most granny flat projects need a bin for 1-2 weeks. Construction moves fast. Give yourself enough time so you’re not stuck with leftover debris and no bin. You can extend rental time if needed.

Compare Prices and Reviews

Get quotes from 3-4 companies before booking. Compare the cost and read reviews online about their service. Find the best deal from a provider with a good local reputation.

Ask About Discounts

Some companies offer first-time user or military discounts. Inquire about any ways to save. Every dollar counts with a big construction project like adding a granny flat.


With a little planning, you can find an affordable skip bin for your granny flat construction debris. Shop around and you’ll save money while keeping your backyard project tidy.

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