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Why Do Drycleaners Need Skip Bins Hire?

Mark’s mom owns a dry cleaning business. She explained to Mark that dry cleaners use lots of skip bins because they produce big amounts of trash and recycling every day. Here are some reasons dry cleaners like Mark’s mom need skip bins hire services like Best Price Skip Bins.

Lots of Hangers and Plastic

Dry cleaners go through tons of plastic hangers and garment bags. All the wire hangers and torn plastic gets thrown out. This fills up regular garbage cans really fast. Large skip bins allow dry cleaners to toss all these plastics easily.

Removing Wastewater

The dry cleaning machines produce dirty wastewater. This gets drained into special wastewater barrels. When full, these heavy barrels need to be loaded into a skip bin and removed.

Disposing of Scraps and Rags

There are always scraps and used rags from the cleaning process. These oily, stained bits of fabric can’t go into normal trash. Skip bins provide plenty of space to discard these textile scraps.

Chemical Waste Disposal

Dry cleaners use chemicals like perchloroethylene. Empty chemical cans and other hazardous waste must be disposed of properly. Skip bins can be specifically rented for chemical and eco-friendly waste disposal.

Recycling Cardboard and Paper

Huge piles of cardboard build up from garment deliveries. All the paper forms and receipts also fill bins fast. Skip bins allow dry cleaners to recycle massive amounts of paper and cardboard every week.

Furniture and Hanger Removal

Sometimes hangers and racks need replacement. Old furniture gets thrown out. Giant skip bins mean the dry cleaner can empty their whole back room in one load.

How to Find Skip Bin Services Near Me

When Mark’s mom needed new skip bins for her dry cleaning business, she did some research to find the best local companies. Here are her tips for finding skip bin rental services in your area:

Search Online Directories

The easiest way to find local skip bin companies is looking online or in phone directories. Mark’s mom simply Googled “skip bin hire near me” to get started.

Check Reviews

It helps to pick a skip bin company with good reviews. Mark’s mom read reviews to find a service known for fast delivery and great prices.

Call for Quotes

Mark’s mom called around for price quotes. She described the types of waste and size bins she needed. This let her compare costs and services.

Consider Convenience

For dry cleaners, convenience is key. Mark’s mom picked a company with flexible drop-off and pick-up options that worked with her schedule.

Ask About Services

Does the company offer waste sorting? Chemical disposal? Recycling? Mark’s mom asked lots of questions to get the services her business required.

Read the Fine Print

Mark’s mom read her rental contract thoroughly. She made sure to understand all the fees, charges, and bin replacement policies.


After choosing the right local skip bin company, Mark’s mom solved her business’s overflowing garbage problem. The big bins get swapped out and emptied quickly when full. With hassle-free skip bin rental, her dry cleaner’s waste and recycling are now under control.

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