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How to Style a Varsity Jacket: Trendy Tips for a Fresh Look

Do you love the sporty athleisure vibe of a varsity jacket?

Varsity jackets, being a cool sporty outerwear, have made waves in the fashion world, going way beyond youths to appeal to a wider pool of audiences irrespective of age and lifestyle.

But how was this cool jacket initiated in the first place?

The varsity jacket, aka letterman jacket, at its core,  was designed in American sports culture to carry a letter that was awarded for athletic achievement in varsity-level sports.

Rising above their athletic origin,  varsity jackets have undergone a dazzling transformation over the years. Today, they are embraced as street-style ensembles by people of all ages.

Wondering how to style a varsity jacket in cool ways?

This blog is meant to take your fashion flair to the next level.  From styling tips to choosing the right type of men’s varsity jacket, we’ll walk you through the process to help you make informed decisions.

How to Choose the Right Varsity Jacket?

Choosing the right varsity jacket that resonates with your personality, style, and other preferences involves certain factors that need to be figured out first.

In a fashion styling survey, around 78% of fashionistas agreed that choosing the right varsity jacket is essential for creating a standout look.

Want to discuss them to get a better understanding?

1. Ascertain Your Style

First things first! Everyone has a specific taste in clothes and vibe.  So, rather than randomly selecting a varsity jacket for yourself, figure out your personal style.

Varsity jackets are available in numerous designs. And you need to decide whether you prefer a vintage look, contemporary, or something classic. This particular selection will help you make other decisions regarding fit, size, color, material, etc.

Did you know that varsity jackets come in a variety of materials, and each type of material offers a different level of comfort and durability?

2. Material Makes a Difference 

Material is the second important factor that needs to be considered as it impacts the durability as well as the look of your varsity jacket. The most widely used material for a varsity jacket is a combination of leather and wool. Wool, being a natural material, provides warmth, while leather adds a luxurious edge.

Choose the type of material that suits your local climate conditions and your personal preferences. Other materials that are used for varsity jackets are polyester, satin, and cotton. All three of them are lighter options but are highly durable and suitable for mild weather conditions.

While many believe all varsity jackets are more or less similar, the right size can significantly impact your style and comfort.

3. Right Sizing Matters

Your varsity jacket should fit you comfortably, and for that, choosing the right size and fit is essential. A jacket that restricts your movements would be too small, giving you an uncomfortable wearing experience. While too loose or big jacket would give an unflattering look.

So, measure your shoulder, waist, chest, and arm length and check them against the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

Now, picture yourself effortlessly pulling your desired varsity jacket with the addition of your chosen shades.

4. Color Combination

Choose the color that clicks with your personal style but you can always experiment and see what works well. Varsity jackets are mostly available in two contrasting colors: the body and sleeves. For a classic look, you can opt for black and white combo or for a snazzy look go for bold colors like reds, yellow etc.

5. Custom Details

The best part about varsity jackets are the unique details it comes with. Once  all other factors are  sorted, look for the  specific detail images  that make your varsity  jacket  appealing. This  could include the  embroidery,  a mascot,  classy  patches, graphic prints and  so on. You can also  go  for custom varsity jacket  to add your  personal touch.

How to Style a Varsity Jacket for Men?

Sporting varsity jacket outfits is all about embracing versatility, all while adding your unique touch to it.

Want some ideas on how to style a varsity jacket?

Here’s how you can sport it for various occasions:

Street Casual Look:

To ace your street style look, sport a black leather varsity jacket with a pair of ripped jeans and a graphic T-shirt for some edgy, laid-back vibes.  This combo is perfect for a street look while keeping it classy.  You can go for white sneakers to complete your entire look. This outfit combo is ideal for a day out with friends,  brunches, or a stroll out in the street.

What if we tell you there’s more to styling a varsity jacket than just pairing it with a casual look?

Athleisure Vibe:

If you want to add  athletic vibes  to your  overall look,  style a wool varsity jacket with  plaid button down  shirt.  This  combination is meant  to  balance out  your  look while  giving  a sporty  aesthetic. You can  nail this look by teaming it with  jogger pants and  checkered  sneakers. It’s a perfect look for  sports night, bike riding sessions and casual  hangout.

Styling a varsity jacket with current trends is no big deal; you just need a bit of finesse.

Semi-Casual Snazzy Look:

Want to make a statement while staying a bit lowkey with your fit?

Wear a red leather varsity jacket over a crisp white button-up and a pair of tailored trousers. Sporting a pair of loafers will keep a balance between a casual and formal look. You can effortlessly rock this for a family dinner or close friend get-together.

Despite having sporty origins, you can always style a varsity jacket effortlessly, transitioning from street wear to office-appropriate attire.

Sophisticated Formal Aesthetic: 

You cannot wear a varsity jacket for a formal setting, says who?

It’s all about how you carry it.

Style a round collar black leather varsity jacket with a dress shirt in a subtle shade, teaming it with the brown dress pants. This combination is pretty  elegant to  give off  that dressy vibe.  It is  ideal  for a corporate  meeting,  team hangout,  or  even  a formal  dinner  with someone special. You can add  on brogues for a full refined touch.

Hip-hop Look:

It’s always fun to go crazy with your looks sometimes.  And with men’s varsity jacket options endless.

Opt for a two-tone custom varsity jacket with embroidery patches and style it with a sleeveless jersey and denim shorts to keep a composed look. A pair of canvas shoes would go perfectly with this look, which is ideal for beach days or road adventures.

Wrap up!

Rocking a varsity jacket outfit isn’t that tough, is it? But choosing the right varsity jacket does require a bit of exploring. And once you’re through it, you’ll be unstoppable.

So, how to style  a varsity jacket shouldn’t be a question for  you anymore. From casual varsity look to super  sophisticated  varsity attire, we have made sure to cover every ins and outs. All you gotta do is determine your style, preference, and fit and bang your look  effortlessly!

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