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Real World Asset Partners with Udon Thani, Thailand to Achieve Circular Economy

Landfill in Udon Thani, Thailand

Real World Asset (RWA) is taking the lead in establishing a circular economy through recycling in collaboration with district offices in Udon Thani Province, Thailand. RWA recently secured partial equity rights to a landfill in Udon Thani, a result of close cooperation with the Thai government. This project is expected to serve as an important foundation for sustainable environmental projects within Thailand.

The current landfill managed by RWA has the capacity to handle approximately 670,000 tons of waste, ensuring stable revenue. Additionally, RWA plans to gradually expand its landfill project rights in cooperation with various cities and districts in Thailand. The company aims to utilize various types of waste to create new materials and renewable energy, generating additional income. Specifically, RWA plans to secure carbon credits through recycling, thus reducing carbon emissions and creating further revenue streams.

RWA actively supports the Thai government’s environmental policies and focuses on protecting and improving Thailand’s environment through ESG campaigns. Kevin Kim, CEO of RWA, stated, “Our goal is to contribute to the transition to a circular economy by reducing waste and expanding high-value recycling.” He also highlighted that the RWA_NOVA platform allows for investment in stable, revenue-generating project rights, offering new opportunities for investors.

RWA is undertaking various activities for sustainable development in collaboration with the Thai government, emphasizing environmental protection, social responsibility, and transparent governance. These efforts are expected to significantly contribute to environmental improvement and sustainable development in Thailand. Moving forward, RWA will continue to work closely with the Thai government, striving for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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