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Celebrating ‘America’: Polyna’s Night at Whisky A Go Go

Los Angeles, CA – A few weeks ago, the legendary Whisky A Go Go reverberated with excitement and anticipation as Polyna took center stage for an unforgettable performance. Renowned for her powerful vocals, Polyna delivered a stellar show. This sold-out event added another milestone to Polyna’s illustrious career. For many years, Polyna has captivated audiences with thousands of sold-out shows at one of Moscow’s biggest musical theater. Her global performances consistently draw large crowds, and during the pandemic, her online concerts were viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans. Her performance at Whisky A Go Go underscored her international appeal and enduring star power.

Reflecting on the significance of performing at Whisky A Go Go, Polyna shared in an exclusive interview, “This venue is steeped in music history, and I wanted to create a truly memorable experience for my fans.”

As the lights dimmed and the first notes of Polyna’s new single “America” filled the venue, the audience erupted in cheers. Written on her first night in the United States, “America” encapsulates Polyna’s journey and the exhilaration of boundless opportunities. Its infectious rhythm and uplifting chorus had the crowd dancing and singing along.

“‘America’ celebrates freedom and opportunity,” explained Polyna. “It embodies the limitless potential and sense of belonging I felt upon arriving here.”

The performance was a spectacle, showcasing Polyna’s vocal prowess and emotive delivery. Dynamic lighting and visuals complemented the song’s energetic vibe, immersing the audience in a captivating experience.

This concert followed the success of Polyna’s previous hit, “Deep Water,” which premiered its music video at Rita House, co-created with acclaimed No Longer Network. The event was attended by dedicated fans and VIP guests, including executives from major labels such as Sony Music, The Orchard, and 50/50 Global Muzik. Released through these labels, the song has already made significant waves in the industry.

“Polyna’s music transcends borders and deeply resonates with audiences,” noted Brian Wakefield aka Qwes Kross, President of 50/50 Global Muzik. “Her ability to blend cultural influences into her music is truly remarkable, and ‘America’ exemplifies her artistic vision.”

In addition to her latest musical achievements, Polyna is an Ovation Award winner, recognized as the highest music award in Russia. She is also an honored member of the Ovation Award Committee and a distinguished member of the Russian Musical Union. Known for her innovative approach to music, Polyna has created her own genre and method, which she teaches at alongside other top industry luminaries.

The evening celebrated not just a concert, but Polyna’s journey and her unwavering passion for music. The enthusiastic response from the audience underscored her talent and the impact of her music, with fans eagerly anticipating her upcoming projects.

As the night concluded, fans spilled onto the streets outside Whisky A Go Go, animatedly discussing the show and their favorite moments. Polyna’s performance and the premiere of “America” left an indelible impression, solidifying her status as a star in the music industry.

For those who missed the event, “America” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Polyna’s journey from Siberia to the stages of Los Angeles continues to inspire, resonating with a growing global audience.

Stay updated on Polyna’s upcoming projects and performances by following her on social media: @polynamusic and visiting her official website:


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