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How to improve the quality of blurry videos

It can be very frustrating when a video has blurry parts. A blurry video can ruin the fun and even mess up important information that the video creator wants to convey.

If the videos you’ve imported or played online/offline are blurry and you’re wondering how you can improve the quality, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will introduce you the perfect video repair tool to improve the quality of your videos.

Part 1: Reasons why you need to improve video quality

There are many reasons to improve video quality. I will list the main causes below.

  • Low resolution: If a video is recorded in low resolution, it may become blurry when played back on a large screen.
  • Compression: If you compress a video to reduce its file size, the video quality may drop and become blurry.
  • Camera settings: Videos often become blurry due to inappropriate settings such as camera focus adjustment. Also, if you use a function that slows down the shutter speed, there is a high possibility that the video will become blurry.
  • Encoding settings: Videos may become blurry due to inappropriate encoding settings. Therefore, proper implementation of digitalization is recommended to obtain good results.
  • Insufficient disk space: If your computer’s hard disk does not have enough space, the videos you play may be blurry, even if your media player is highly functional or has the latest version.
  • Video file corruption: Videos stored on any drive can become blurry if the file is transferred or downloaded improperly or if the file gets corrupted due to a virus.

Part 2: How to improve the quality of blurry videos

Now that we’ve looked at the possible causes, let’s move on to how to remove blur from your videos.Let’s take a look at Unifab Video Enlargement AI, which is the most effective according to my experience using it.

UniFab 動画拡大 AI is software developed by DVDFab that increases video quality or resolution. UniFab Video Enlargement AI uses AI image processing technology with deep learning ability to improve image quality for videos. By enlarging the screen of low resolution videos by 300% and repairing small parts, the resolution can be increased to 1080P / 4K. Convert and display clearer high-resolution images. You can finish it with professional quality.

This video quality enhancement software is available for free! Try out all features for free for 30 days!

We will explain how to use UniFab Video Enlarger AI to improve the quality of your videos.

Step 1: Download and install UniFab Video Enlarger AI.

Step 2: Launch UniFab and select the “Enlarger” option.

Step 3: Add the videos you want to enhance.

Step 4: Select high quality settings.

Step 5: Set the storage location and start the video quality enhancement process.


However, if you use the video quality enhancement software introduced in this article, you can improve the quality of your videos without spending a lot of money. If you want to play your favorite videos or videos you edited yourself in higher quality, please refer to this.

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