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What Does Halal Mean In Food

Do you love halal food because you find it more nutritious, healthy, and unique than ordinary food? Halal food demand is increasing daily, despite the fact that people don’t know what does halal mean in food. 

It is not famous only among Muslims, but you will find that people belonging to other religions crave halal food. You have seen a Halal Food Restaurant with a certified halal logo displayed on its main door. Many others have this. Do you know what does halal mean in food? 

People love to eat food from these restaurants without knowing the meaning of halal, so we are here to discuss what it means in food and how it is more beneficial to us when we eat it. So that next time when you order it, you can understand how wise your decision is. 

What does halal means

Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. According to Islamic laws and rules, certified halal food is permissible like Halal Chicken. Islamic laws prohibit the consumption of some foods like pork and its by-products and animals that are not slaughtered according to the Islamic prescribed manner.  

A specific method is used to slaughter the animal in a halal way of slaughtering. This specific slaughtering method makes the chicken and meat more delicious, flavorful, and unique from ordinary food. 

The animal is fed fresh and vegetarian food, slaughtered by the name of Allah, and cut with a sharp knife at the carotid artery, jugular vein near the throat, or windpipe. This process is known as Zabiha. 

A sharp tool is used to ensure that the animal is slaughtered with less pain, and the cut is done so that all the blood is drained from the animal’s body that, if it persists, is harmful to human health. This slaughtering process is beneficial for both animals and the consumer.

Who are the best halal food providers

Many restaurants s that claim to be halal, but we found two of the best ones that serve certified halal, fresh, and delectable food products like Hot Chicken and Halal Pizza

Crimson Coward

Do you know the name of Crimson Coward? If not, it is time to know the town’s best Spicy Hot Chicken providers. They serve premium, certified halal, non-GMO, and free from hormones-and antibiotic chicken that comes from reputable farms. Nashville Hot Chicken is a specialty made from fresh and high-quality ingredients and halal chicken. Spices used in this Fried Chicken are only Crimson Coward specialty, a mixture of 16 primary and 32 secondary spices that give a unique and more flavorful taste. Fried Chicken, available at this restaurant, has a massive fanbase with many positive reviews. Once you try this yummy food, you will never miss a chance to have this food again and again. Not only is hot chicken available at Crimson Coward people who want fewer spices in their fried chicken should try their Hot Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich is less spicy than hot fried chicken but as tasty as Nashville hot chicken.

BiG AL’S Pizzeria 

If you are searching for the best halal pizza, BiG AL’S Pizzeria must be your choice. You can select from a wide variety of pizza, Halal Wings, desserts, and some other food products whose taste you will never forget. BiG AL’S will surprise you with their smoky roasted flavor wing and special BBQ beef brisket. BiG AL’S pizzeria has the best pizza with a huge fanbase because they serve their guests the best halal-certified, fresh, and high-quality products.


I hope you get the idea of halal meaning and now feel more comfortable while eating halal food by knowing the benefits and purpose of halal food. Here we give you the best suggestion for eating halal food that is nutritious and delicious at the same time.

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