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A Quick Guide to Electronic Waste Disposal

Have you ever wondered what happens to your broken phone or printer that you throw away? E-waste shouldn’t end up in landfills, but many people don’t know how to properly handle electronic waste disposal. With only 17.4% of discarded electronic devices recycled properly, this leads to these toxic and hazardous materials ending up in a landfill.

If you own any electronic devices, it’s your responsibility to properly handle your e-waste. So, keep reading to find out more about proper electronic waste disposal.

Sell Retired Assets

Oftentimes e-waste ends up in landfills because a company downsized or upgraded all its assets. If you have a large number of assets, it can be a good idea to sell them for parts or have them recycled instead of destroying them.

Retiring assets like phones, printers, and tablets can be extremely confusing. Many people worry about the data on the devices and if someone else can access it if they don’t destroy the item and throw it away. If this is one of your concerns, you can click for asset recovery service information.

Pass Devices On

If you get a new phone, but your old model still works, why not pass it on? To get the maximum value out of your product, it needs to be used for as long as possible. Check-in with your friends and family to find out if they can use your old device.

For older models, you can consider listing them on your local Buy Nothing groups. This way, someone can use the device that really needs one, and you don’t have to dispose of the device yourself.

Research and Recycle

If the device cannot be used anymore and it can’t be sold for parts, then you need to recycle the device. You might need to do some research if your town doesn’t have a drop-off point to find out where you need to take your device. If it’s a long distance, see if you can store your device until you have a few items you need to take down to be recycled.

If your town has a household hazardous waste facility, you simply need to check what times they’re open before you take your devices to them. They’ll handle properly disposing of your device, so you can rest assured that you’ve done your part.

Some towns have curbside pickup options for electronic waste. You might need to hang on to your items until they can schedule a pickup, but this is a low-effort way to go about electronic waste recycling.

Electronic Waste Disposal Made Easy

When it comes to electronic waste disposal, you have to make sure your items are properly handled. E-waste needs to be recycled and preferably handled by an electronic waste disposal service. If everyone does their part, then there will be less toxic waste in landfills, making it safer for everyone.

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