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How to Make Attractive and Durable Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes are luxury packaging boxes. They are made of rigid cardboard material, which makes them strong and sturdy for packing all types of items. Rigid boxes are easy to design with visuals and pictorial graphics for an enticing appearance.

The durable and elegant rigid packaging solution is used for various purposes, including gift boxes, storage boxes, and product packaging. Despite multiple benefits, making a rigid box is easy and simple. In this guide, we will answer your question, “How to make a rigid box from scratch? So, let’s get started with this step-by-step guide!

Materials Needed for Making Attractive Rigid Boxes

Before starting to make rigid packaging boxes, you need to gather the materials that are needed for making boxes. They are mandatory; otherwise, it is hard to make the perfect box. Some materials are mandatory, and others are optional. Materials will facilitate your ability to create rigid boxes easily. Here is the material list.

  • Rigid cardboard or chipboard
  • Craft knife or box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder or scoring tool
  • Glue
  • Decorative paper or fabric (optional)
  • Ribbon or embellishments (optional)

Step 1: Get the Paper, Measure and Mark It

The first step, to begin with, is marking and measuring the rigid material. But first, you need to get the rigid material in a quantity that is sufficient for your desired box. After that, without correct measurements, you cannot create the rigid box that will benefit you. Therefore, get a ruler, marker, and measuring tape to start making rigid boxes. This guide will also help you in making custom pillow packaging boxes, display packaging boxes and cardboard boxes. Here are the measuring steps.

  1. Get the rigid cardboard
  2. Measure the dimensions of the object you intend to store in the rigid box
  3. Now mark rigid cardboard with the object’s measurements.
  4. Make sure you draw straight lines with a ruler
  5. Add an extra 1-2 cm to provide a snug fit.

Step 2: Cutting and Marking of Rigid Cardboard

Now you have measured and marked the measurements. Pick up a knife or cutter, and cut along marked lines to create individual cardboard panels. Make sure you are cutting the marked lines precisely. You have to be sharp and precise in the cutting step. Here are the cutting steps.

  1.  Use a box cutter and cut along the marked lines
  2.  Maintain straight cuts for clean edges.

Step 3. Printing Rigid Boxes

After finalizing the paper order, it’s time for the printing process.  In this step, you can print rigid material sheets with designs, visuals, and descriptions to make them appealing. But it is up to you. If you want to go for the easy method, you can adhere a design paper around the rigid boxes, we will discuss it further.

If the paper is smooth, different printing methods like offset or digital can be used. However, if you’re using fancy paper with textures or unique finishes for rigid boxes, traditional printing methods won’t work the same way. In such cases, you can create the desired effects on the box surface with embossing and debossing.

  1. Select the best printing method
  2. Print sheets with designs and visuals
  3. Create effects on rigid boxes for a premium look

Step 4: Scoring and Folding of The Material

Now there is cut, rigid cardboard in front of you. It is time to score and fold it to give it shape. Use a scoring tool to make small indentations along the folding lines on each piece of cardboard. It helps with neat folding without forcing much. After scoring, fold the cardboard carefully along the scored lines to create smooth and accurate creases. Here are the steps.

  1. Score the material
  2. Fold lines on each cardboard panel.

Step 4: Assembling the Rigid Box

Now you have to assemble every folded panel. You will require glue or any adhesive material to join all the sides and angles. To do so, apply glue to one side panel, align the glued tab with the adjacent side panel, and press firmly to create a corner. Make sure you are applying enough glue to ensure the panels do not tear. And for that what you need to do is,

  1. Apply glue
  2. Align the glued tab with the adjacent side panel and press firmly to create a corner

Step 5: Design Rigid Boxes for An Attractive Look

There is a rigid packaging box in front of you. To make it charming, we have to customize it with colors, designs, and images. You can do it by covering it with decorative paper or fabric. Or you can use a color spray to give it an aesthetic color combination.

But if you want to cover it with designed paper, measure and cut the chosen material to fit each panel of the box. Apply glue, and fit the design paper around the box to adhere it to the rigid box. Now, let the glue dry.

  • Get decorative paper, and adhere it with material sheets.
  • Apply glue on the paper and adhere it to the panels
  • Wait for the glue to dry

Step 6: Final Touches

You have well-designed durable rigid boxes. If you want to create rigid packaging boxes to meet different events and look more embellished, you can add special touches to the box. You can add stickers, special notes, or inserts like foam to give it a luxurious appearance. Add a ribbon around it or attach decorative elements such as bows or tags. You can personalize the rigid boxes and make them more fitting for the occasion or purpose. Moreover, you can laminate it with finishing options to make it glossier and more protective.

  1. Add Stickers, notes, foams, ribbons, And Inserts
  2. Embellish rigid packaging boxes with bows or tags.
  3. You can laminate it


Creating charming and durable rigid boxes is easy. You just need to know what you are doing. You must have the right tools and follow the right steps. And then, your rigid boxes are ready.

However, if you want to get a bulk rigid packaging box designed for you, it is better to consult a custom box manufacturing company. OXO Packaging will be the ideal option for you. They tailor boxes at affordable rates, offer infinite customization options, and unbeatable services for rigid boxes wholesale.

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