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Advantages of lic tech term plan

Consider the LIC tech term plan if you are looking for a term insurance plan for investment on a limited budget. This plan offers life coverage with great coverage at low premium rates. The online renewal system of the LIC tech term plan makes it more convenient. The LIC introduced this plan for those who wish to buy the plans from their homes. It covers the financial expenses of the insured person’s family but also offers riders to enhance the advantages.

Everyone wishes to know the premium amount before purchasing the plan, so the LIC tech term plan 854 premium calculator will help you to calculate the premiums. It is hassle-free and safe to use.

Advantages of LIC tech term plan

Let’s talk about the advantages of the LIC tech term plan:

1. Sum Assured options

This plan has two types of sum assured: The level and increasing sum assured. The final sum assured amount remain the same, but after the completion of the 5th year of the policy, the basic sum assured increase by 10% till 15 years of the policy. After 16 years, the absolute sum assured remains the same, equal to double the basic sum assured.

2. Beath benefits claim payment.

There are two options under this category; first, the death benefit payment is paid in lumpsum, but the death payment comes in installments. Second, the nominee gets the death benefits installments for 5,10, or 15 years at regular intervals (monthly, yearly, quarterly, or half-yearly).

3. Premium payments

Various options are available for paying the premiums, such as single payment, limited and regular payments. You can choose the premium payment options according to your comfort. It’s easy to calculate the premium payments using the lic tech term plan 854 premium calculator online.

4. Riders

The LIC tech term plan offers the Accidental death benefit rider. This option is available under regular and limited premium payment. You need to pay the additional premiums to avail of this rider. Also, you can opt for this anytime during the premium payment term.

5. Exclusions

To buy the LIC tech term plan, you are not required to get any medical tests for a sum assured of up to 75 lakhs. You must be a nonsmoker, your age must be less than 35 years, and your annual income should be more than three lakhs. This plan doesn’t cover suicidal death, which means if the insured person commits suicide, the nominee will not get any death benefit.


LIC tech term plan is the most advantageous and highly opt plan due to its excellent benefits and easy procedures. This plan offers flexibility in premium payments, and the premium amount can be calculated using the lic tech term plan 854 premium calculator, just like the LIC arogya rakshak plan premium calculator.


1. What are the entry age and the policy term of the LIC tech term plan?

The entry age of the LIC tech term plan is 18 years to 65 years. The policy term of this plan is 10 years to 40 years.

2. What is the maximum limit of the Sum Assured in this policy?

Under the LIc tech term plan, the Sum Assured has no maximum limit. However, the minimum sum assured is Rs. 50,00,000.

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