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How to Keep the Fourth of July Spirit Going!

Despite going through some turbulent times, the nation always seems to come together for the celebration of the Fourth of July. The classic red, blue, and white colors are everywhere, hot dogs and hamburgers are sizzling away on every grill in sight, and the star-spangled flags have taken over every household in sight! Needless to say, the pride we feel on that day is contagious! 

Then, once Independence Day is over, everyone goes back to their normal lives and the atmosphere almost feels dreary – but what if the celebrations didn’t have to end there? 

You can still keep the party and the patriotic mood going by hosting movie nights at your home and we have the perfect Fourth of July recommendations! However, before moving on to the list of movies, it’s important that your internet connection can function steadily to avoid buffering during movie sessions. There’s also the problem of slow Wi-Fi during peak hours, so getting a reliable ISP is necessary. 

Enter Xfinity Internet

The Multitude of Benefits

As one of the largest internet service providers in the U.S., you’ve likely heard of Xfinity. It is available in 40+ states, and provides 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots all across the country so that you can stay connected even when you’re out and about! 

Along with providing some of the most affordable internet plans and bundles, it also has a 24/7 customer support team. You can reach out for anything at any time! 

Xfinity also has a record of 99.9% network reliability, which promises smoother processes and faster downloads. With the launch of the Xfinity 5G network, Xfinity’s innovation has enabled the largest Gig-speed network to deliver an even greater performance! 

Now that you know Xfinity is a reliable ISP, here is a list of all the movies that are sure to make you go, “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!” 

Top Gun

If you haven’t already seen this classic, we’re sure that you must’ve at least heard about it. Possibly one of Tom Cruise’s most popular movies, Top Gun is about an American fighter pilot who is protecting his county from Russian threats – this movie is as American as it gets! 

Despite its release in 1986, the film has consistently remained in the public’s mind as an old favorite and nostalgic experience that just makes you feel closer to your fellow Americans. 

Its successor film, Top Gun: Maverick, which came out recently in 2022, was also a success in its own right, so we’d recommend binging on the two films to promote national spirit and cheer! 

Captain America: The First Avenger 

One could argue that comic books are as American as apple pie, and it is undeniable the influence they’ve had on American culture and media. With millions of people flocking to see Marvel and DC films, the comic book nerd in all of us continues to thrive, so it’s only fitting that at least one movie on this list is about superheroes – and who is more patriotic than Captain America?

As one of the greatest heroes, Captain America fights for what is right and honorable and stands up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. He has always been the voice of justice for the American people, fighting for their freedom and safety. Captain America: The First Avenger is a classic film about a hero who fights the good fight, promoting patriotism over propaganda. 

Independence Day

This is a ‘90s blockbuster film that is a classic take on the disaster movie with the addition of aliens bent on invading the world! In this epic battle, the deadly foes face America’s greatest heroes – a geek, a pilot, the U.S. President, and a bunch of survivors. 

Highly entertaining with a dose of nostalgia, this film is a guaranteed good time and one that is sure to keep your family and friends amused! It is a film that is about unity and diversity, through and through – one of the very foundations that America was built upon. 

Hidden Figures 

America wouldn’t be where it is without its women. That’s why this last recommendation on the list is a movie that masterfully incorporates this message! 3 brilliant African-American mathematicians at NASA serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history – the launch of an astronaut into orbit!

This was a first-time achievement by the Americans that helped them to pull ahead in the space race with the Russians! It was such a revolution that it changed not just America, but the world, forever! 

In Conclusion – Good American Values

Much like Lady Liberty, Americans too, can stand strong against all tides and come out more powerful afterward. The Fourth of July is very meaningful to all of us, but the patriotic spirit doesn’t need to end after 24 hours. We hope that these movies help to keep that spirit elevated!

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