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Types of Twitter Users and How They Compare 

Twitter has been relentlessly active over the years, with millions of users tweeting daily on this awesome platform. Connecting with everyone like there’s no pit stop is one of the greatest perks of using the social media giant. Surely, when growing Twitter followers for your account, you will encounter people of all sorts, with different natures, attitudes, and life stories.
Have you ever wondered about the different types of people inhabiting Twitter—and where you belong? Let’s check out the types of Twitter users and how they compare.

The Influencers

Influencers are the big thing today. Mind you. There are lots of influencers out on Twitter that are generating a buzz for each of their chosen niches. These people want to influence everybody by gathering followers and creating a loyal fan base.

These type of Twitter users generally has lots of followers, even amounting to hundreds of thousands or millions. Influencers are usually what we call “Trendsetters,” in which they make a buzz that makes them more recognizable and popular each day.

Of course, they are usually at the top-most feed, and in reality, most people know them or heard something about them, may it be from just eating food or doing some charity work.

The Celebrities

Who in the world wouldn’t know these people? With a large fan base on Twitter and the thousands of followers, they gather each day, these celebrities are the real thing. Famously known locally or internationally, celebrities are the most recognizable people. From big stars in movies, sports, or even the arts and music, they are global brands known to be the best in their field.

The Stalkers

Stalkers are types of Twitter users with a low follower count with several to no tweets in their profile at call. They can be considered newbies, but hey, they are in the background following influencers and celebrities. 

Often so, they are the types who just want to stay updated with the news and trends. In general, these are the people who are still new to the social media platform and have just started to do some social media networking to follow the trend.

The Avid Retweeters

These types of people might look the same as the stalkers, but in a sense, they are different in a single aspect. From the looks of their people, you can only find retweeted posts from them. Yes! You can find people like them who only retweets for a living.

This is how they communicate with everyone on the platform, just following the trend and showing that they are not behind. Moreover, you can distinguish their personality by just looking at their retweets, which can be seen directly in their timeline.

The Newsmakers

Newsmakers are the ones who stay up with the trends and update everybody with news and such. These organizations, including news media outlets, popular magazines, TV shows, and even influencers and celebrities, set a buzz.

These people have a large following and make news relevant to their niches or field. Daily, they gather certain topics that trend and are the go-to resource that everyone needs.

The Researchers

Otherwise known as information seekers, these types of Twitter users gather data and information globally. The data they will gather is important to businesses and people who market their brands or product. These people are the ones who tend to do some surveys or even fact-check information.

The Relationship Builders

Relationship Builders are Twitter users who want to meet and greet people. They are the ones who are most likely introverts who want to have a safe space on the internet. They often just want to stay on Twitter to make new friends because it is hard for them to make friends in real time.

Gaining exposure is one of their main goals, and they are the ones who are trying to set their footing in the social media space. You might find these people very friendly and accommodating as they always try to please everybody. They want as many people to like them and continue to build networks for themselves, their brand, and their reputation.

The Trolls

Keep off with this type of Twitter users because they love trolling people. They are somewhat the nuisance in the feed that pranks, click baits, and, worst, flaming others. 

If you can find one in the feed, ignore them and do not engage with them. You want to argue with people who are just playing around and not making nice conversations, right?

The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones are those Twitter users who abandoned their accounts and haven’t been active for months. Most likely, these people got busy in real life or chose to leave Twitter because of its toxicity. Yep! They chose peace and serenity rather than keeping up with social media.

And there you have it! Listed above are the types of Twitter users and how they compare. Which category do you think you belong to?

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