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Xmonies Expands Its International Money Transfer Services to New Markets

UK (London), July 21, 2023: Xmonies, a leading pioneer in the financial technology sector, is excited to announce the expansion of its state-of-the-art international money transfer services to multiple new markets worldwide. This strategic decision marks a significant milestone in Xmonies’ journey towards revolutionizing global money transfers and fostering financial inclusion across borders.

The selection of these new markets was carefully based on their economic potential and the demand for seamless cross-border transactions. This expansion represents a major leap forward for Xmonies, solidifying its position in the global financial landscape.

As this expansion is made through new markets, it certainly aims to empower the people and the businesses by offering them a reliable, and secure service which is cost effective for international money transfer. Though, by making it user centric, Xmonies ensures that every transaction that happens by the user should be seamless, effortless, and breaking traditional barriers that have impeded the flow of funds across borders.

With this expansion, Xmonies is excited to announce its presence in markets like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia with an emphasis on creating global connections and financial inclusion. These carefully chosen South-East Asian countries, which all have large economic potential and a need for flawless cross-border transactions, represent a big step forward for Xmonies in securing its position on the world financial eco-system.

“We are excited to announce the extension of our international money transfer services to these new markets,” said Arvind Gupta, Co-Founder at Xeopar (Parent company for Xmonies). “The goal of Xmonies is not just to make transitions happen, but to make it happen in the easiest way and climb it to the global scale where financial services are accessible to all. Our expansion reflects a commitment to the mission of ‘Understanding Human Values’. As we do not encourage any discrimination among our users whether they transact huge or specific amounts.”

The new markets’ integration into the Xmonies ecosystem will bring unmatched convenience and security to users, coupled with competitive exchange rates and no hidden fees, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable international money transfer solutions. Here are the 5 Factors that Influence the Exchange Rates.

Xmonies remains steadfast in its mission to transcend boundaries and bring financial empowerment to people around the world. By continuously enhancing its services and expanding its global reach, Xmonies reaffirms its position as a frontrunner in the fintech industry.

About Xmonies:

Xmonies is a cross border payments and remittance platform which trailblazes in fintech and transforms the way your money can move from one nation to another, so it reaches its recipient in no time. Xmonies brings to the table an efficient, secure, and cost-effective international money transfer service. Through its innovative platform, Xmonies seeks to advance financial inclusion and reduce the gap between nations, allowing both individuals and firms to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy.


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