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5 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel Faster

If you want to make YouTube your profession then you need to pull in, a steady and good number of video views every month. But to do that you need a nice subscriber base who would regularly watch your content. You can buy YouTube subscribers but that will not increase viewers of your videos as these subscribers are not going to engage.

They are just a gimmick to make your channel look good and if you think that will help you then go for it. This list consists of tips to grow your channel faster organically. Check them out.

Consistent Posting

Look, many YouTubers post only a couple of videos a week or maybe less. Still, they have a lot of followers. There are two reasons for this. They have either grown a lot and now just posting a couple of videos each week is enough for them to sustain themselves or they are just passionate about making videos and aren’t that invested in instant growth. But anyone who wants to become a YouTuber and wants to get a lot of subscribers needs to post regularly. Research has shown that regular and more frequent posting on social media platforms leads to more exposure and growth.

But of course, you cannot compromise with the quality. Delivering quantity with quality is something you should master at least, in the initial growth period. Many YouTubers still post daily videos even after becoming popular. But initially, most of them posted regularly as it is a good way to keep giving your subscribers good content while gaining more exposure.

So, try to think of content that you can make regularly without being boring. But making content regularly can be quite taxing. This is why you figure out ways to smoothen your working process so that you do not have to waste your time every time you sit down to film. If you make content from your home then optimize the environment of the room that you are making content in. This will help you a lot as you won’t have to balance the lighting or the soundproofing.

End Screen Promotion

This is another good way to make people watch more of your videos and get them hooked. Remember all the times that YouTube recommended you one video. You watched it and liked the content. Then at the end, the YouTuber says that he has made more content like that and shows a couple of clickable pop-ups for other similar videos.

You click on them and watch them. You want to watch more. So, you decide to subscribe. Well, sound familiar, right? Well, that’s what this next tip is all about. You have to promote your videos and video playlists while ending your video. You can also promote them mid-video if something of relevance comes in. You can put the link in annotations and descriptions both and let your user know.

This is a very useful step in today’s YouTube promotion. People are always ready to click on the next video that they find interesting. So, if you are looking to hold their attention on your channel you need to keep hitting them with entertaining stuff that most of them would not get bored by over time at least not before the time they hit the subscribe button. This means on the ending screen provide them with your best performing videos. Chances are that new viewers will also be more likely to watch them.

Engage With Your Viewers

Look, you do not want to lose the subscribers you already have. Also, you would want the casual viewers (the ones not subscribed to your channel) to get hooked on your content and subscribe to your channel. Unlike when you buy YouTube subscribers these users will also engage with your videos.

So, if you start interacting with them then they may feel included in your process. Look, at all the popular YouTubers who have a loyal subscriber base. They have made it via interacting with their viewers. If you are just starting then try to react to or reply to relevant comments. Even if you start getting more and more comments keep interacting with a few. This has a nice effect on the people watching your content.

Also, when you reply to a comment people start engaging in the comment section which can be good for your video. You can also create your channel subreddit and ask people to post stuff there and then you can react to it on your videos. You can also ask viewers for suggestions on what to make next. This way you not only engage with your viewers you also get topics for your next video that your viewers would want to see.

Keyword research/SEO

The only way to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel is to increase viewers of your videos. You can only achieve that if your video is visible to the users in search results. This is where SEO comes in. If your video is optimized for the YouTube search engine then for a particular keyword (that you choose) your video will rank high on search results.

This means that users will have to scroll very less to reach your video. If your video is buried in the search results it will be very unlikely that you will get more views. So, it is very important to craft the video around a decent-ranking keyword.

You can use various keyword research tools for this. Google Trends is a nice tool that you can use for keyword research. If you go to Google Trends and select YouTube as the search engine option then you will find out how your chosen keyword is performing on YouTube. This will give you an idea about which of the video keywords are the most successful and you can craft your videos in those keywords. Other good keyword research tools are Ubersuggest, Rank Tracker etc.

Catchy Thumbnails

The last tip that we will be talking about on this list is thumbnails. Thumbnails are very important if you want people to click on your videos. An interesting thumbnail is always going to help increase viewers of your videos. But do not be dishonest. Exaggeration is sort of okay as most YouTubers do that and viewers are okay with it as long as the video turns out to be good. But do not lie blatantly about the video content. Whenever you design a thumbnail make sure to use colours that stand out from the white background of YouTube.

You need to grab the user’s attention while they are scrolling. Also, keep in mind that people are probably going to use YouTube on smartphones. So, always design the thumbnail keeping the smaller screen in mind. As you slowly start putting more content on your channel ensure that your thumbnails are consistent. People should be able to identify you and your channel from the thumbnail. Check out what other popular YouTubers who post similar content are doing.

So, that’s our list. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list as there are tonnes of other tips that you will find. Just research and keep at it. We wish you all the best.

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