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Patek Philippe: All You Need to Know About This Brand

As a wristwatch enthusiast, you are probably using your spare time researching low to high-end timepieces. You find joy and inspiration in reading how these brands started and how they thrive throughout the years. As you deepen your knowledge of the watch industry, you might have felt overwhelmed by the number of companies involved in watchmaking. Among these companies are Rolex, Rado, Omega, and Patek Philippe.

You might want to know the potential of Patek Philippe to determine if it is worth your penny. The desire to buy this luxury brand is not surprising at all. A vast majority of watch collectors would only consider you as a part of them if you own a watch of this brand. Below, you will find out more about the company history and some factors that make it one of the most sought-after.

Noteworthy adversity faced by Patek Philippe

Just like any business, this company experienced adversities, especially when the Swiss watch industry faced a crisis. Patek Philippe’s great competitor at that time, namely Audemars Piguet, had dominated the market, leaving the latter behind. To prevent continuously losing customers, it released Patek Nautilus. It was the first sports watch that the company had ever manufactured. The company used to produce either Chronographs or time-only watches. But its sports watch undeniably caught the attention of the market, saving the company from losing. Stepping out of the comfort zone was its key to keep up with the competitors.

Who are Patek Philippe’s founders?

The original name of Patek Philippe was Patek, Czapek, and Cie. It was in 1839 that Antoine Norbert de Patek and Franciszek Czapek founded the company. But later on, they failed to build good relationships as partners. Both of them ended up venturing into different businesses. Jean Adrien Philippe entered the partnership. He was a brilliant inventor who received various awards.

It was in 1932 that the company suffered and almost experienced bankruptcy. If not for Jean and Charles Henri Stern, it didn’t have any chance of surviving. The siblings invested their money into the company, despite its possible downfall. After that, it continuously achieved many milestones.

Patek Philippe’s notable milestones


It could manufacture the first Swiss wristwatch in the world. It made a significant impact on its popularity and reputation. Even well-known people admired how they could do it.


During these years, the company invented many products and successfully patented them. It means that the public recognized its exclusive rights to use and manufacture its inventions. Some of their patented items were precision regulator, double chronograph, and wristwatch with a perpetual calendar.

Aside from the mentioned milestones, there are other many awards that Patek Philippe garnered through the years. It was a journey that started with several fallbacks but ended up having a lot of achievements.

Top three reasons to buy a Patek Philippe watch

You may have a lot of questions running through your mind when purchasing luxury timepieces. It ranges from what, when, where, and why. The most important question to answer first is why you should buy this brand of watch.

So here, we have listed the top 3 reasons why this brand is worth buying. Once you have finished reading these reasons, you can immediately answer the rest of the questions.

1. It is a good investment.

Acquiring a Patek Philippe watch is one of the best ways to spend your money. It is comparable to pieces of jewelry because its value increases over time. If you would like to sell it to other people, then you can do so. The catch is that you can set the resale price higher than the amount you purchased it. In this way, you will get your money back while earning some profit.

2. People with superb craftsmanship made it.

As a buyer, you would want to have something made by experts in that field. In this way, you know that what you bought will function for a long period. In the case of Patek Philippe, its manufacturing process takes up to a few years to finish. It is because it puts so much craftsmanship into making each timepiece. If you observe the design of its watches, you can infer that an ordinary watchmaker can’t do it.

3. A lot of famous people patronized it.

Popular personalities boast that they purchase this brand of watch. It says so much about the products’ quality and performance. Brad Pitt, Prince Charles of Wales, and The Beatles are just some famous people spotted wearing a Patek Philippe watch on their wrist. If they did not regret purchasing one for themselves, then you will probably feel the same way.

In a Nutshell

Based on Patek Philippe’s history, it undoubtedly proved itself many times in the watch industry. It climbed the top by constantly providing innovations. And now, it is a watch collectors’ top choice.

If the enumerated reasons convinced you into buying, you can now identify what model you would want to buy, when and where to purchase it. You are one step closer to wearing a luxury watch of your choice!

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